Westminster’s Improved Sanitary Sewer Overflow Results

The City of Westminster has had a growth spurt and there are sewer improvements being made because of it. Keeping in mind, Westminster is in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains at 5,300 feet elevation. Soil in the area contains pockets of clay, which expands as it absorbs moisture, and corrosive minerals that wreak havoc on metal pipe. In places, the water table is above the level of the sewer lines. The City has made an adjustment to the durability of the sewer lines with over 70 percent of the lines being replaced. With more than 400 miles of sewer pipes in the system, not to mention nearly 12,000 manholes, a regular inspection schedule is a must, along with rehabilitations, as needed. There has been a noteworthy change in the amount of SSO’s or sanitary sewer overflows that has been recognized and applauded by residents. This is in large part due to proper planning. The greatest distance between any point in the system and a qualified contractor is less than 10 miles. The City is also giving credit to their use of a geographic information system that has made all the difference as it relates to timely responses and the needs of the community.




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