Water Retention Hubs: The Flood Diversion Plan for Denver

The city of Denver has plans to construct a mile-long open water drainage channel adjacent to East 39th Avenue from Franklin to Steele streets.  This would aid in directing runoff toward pipes leading to the outfall. The Basins have natural topographical features that direct storm runoff northwest toward the South Platte River. Decades ago, city blocks were built over dry creek beds and underground channels. Now, poor natural drainage results in recurring street flooding. The construction of two drainage ponds on a portion of Park Hill Golf Club and another detention area in the Montclair basin is thought to be the best solution to flooding problems in these areas. During heavy storms, the drainage ponds would fill up briefly before being drained, slowing the movement of water toward the river.

The city has estimated $30 million for the project will come from money raised by the customer wastewater rate and from the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District.  Park Hill Golf Club detention (temporarily holding and controlling storm water), Montclair Basin detention (temporarily holding and controlling storm water) will be independently designed but will have similar features for flood-protection, drainage and storm-runoff.  During the construction timeline, the city will begin other nearby improvements, including: the reconstruction of I-70 East, redevelopment of Brighton Boulevard and reconstruction of the Globeville Landing Outfall. This coordinated construction will realize cost savings and project efficiencies. Of all of the areas, The Montclair and Park Hill drainage basins have been affected with of the worst flooding across the city during storms.

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