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Summertime Stomping Grounds: Denver’s South Platte River

The popular South Platte River in Denver offers a plethora of recreational activities from fishing to picnicking, biking, hiking and more. It is a place of enjoyment for many as there is a broad range of choices for the outdoor aficionado. As summer is upon us, it’s a time to keep in mind that the rain, as well as temperature, can be unpredictable at South Platte River. It is also the time of year when Denver Parks will conduct dust alleviation projects. The process can be completed in a matter of a few days but does require the occasional park closure, which was most recently observed at Waterton Canyon. This is primarily done to keep roads safe for the visitors during the summer months when dust can create a potential hazard.  If you happen to encounter a dust storm, there are a few things to do to stay safe as dust storms can create strong wind gusts and greatly reduce visibility. First, move indoors, if possible, and stay away from windows. If driving, pull off the road and get as far to the right as possible. Turn off your vehicle and the headlights. Set the parking brake and keep your foot off the brake pedal.

Interesting fact. Did you know that Denver periodically flushes its fire hydrants? This is done to ensure the water quality is up to par for the summer months and to ensure pressure levels are adequate. A hydrant takes up to fifteen minutes to flush approximately 1,000 gallons of water.

Denver, Perma-Liner Industries would like to invite you to our exciting summer event! If you missed our Open House this month in California, no worries! Come to our Delaware Open House next month! Stay tuned for all of the details. It’s taking place from July 18th-20th. We want to see you there, and as always, we’ll have our experienced crew demonstrating equipment and all the latest in CIPP. Make a plan to attend and see you then!