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Denver Accommodates for Growth and Climate Change at Reservoirs


The Mile High City has weathered a fair amount of water-related challenges as the city prepares for a future filled with more Coloradans. Colorado’s oldest and largest water utility known as Denver Water has much to contend with as expectations abound. The agency serves approximately 1.3 million people in Denver and the surrounding suburbs and expects that figure to proliferate in the years ahead as the population is expected to nearly double by 2050. Population growth is just one of a whole assortment of challenges to contend with while addressing long-term planning. Factors such as climate change, alterations in water-use patterns, economic irregularities, government regulations, droughts and more will all be part of the focus. As the agency continues to hone in on water sustainability, its comprehensive approach includes conservation, reuse and new sources of supply and storage. The agency’s conservation program includes rebates and incentives for residential and commercial customers.

Denver is also examining alternative options, such as the underground storage of water in aquifers. By injecting water during wet years and storing that supply, water can later be extracted during times of need. Denver Water has worked to expand on its existing sources of supply in other ways as well. The Downstream Reservoir Water Storage Program enables the agency to store and release reusable water in its system through the use of old gravel mines. These pits store water used for exchange purposes, and the system has been evolving from three different complexes in order to meet an identified need for roughly 30,000 acre-feet of storage. The South Reservoir complex, which stores about 3,200 acre-feet, has been mined and lined and is fully operational. The North Reservoir Complex is fully mined, and Denver Water is anticipating the ability to carry out gravity operation for a number of years that would allow for about 2,300 acre-feet.

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